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Where are the dollar movie theaters?

Where are the dollar movie theaters?  According to my research, this is a question with more than 165,000 searches. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not writing this article to provide only a discussion on the matter – I’ve searched and found over 175 theaters.  There are still a few more to add and there are probably some that I haven’t found.  If you know of one, add a comment below and I’ll include it.

If you search Google, you’ll find Fandango’s result for Cinemark Dollar Cinemas in Corpus Christi, TX  followed by with two results; one for Cinemark Movies 16 in San Antonio, TX and one for Windchimes Cinema 8 – Houston, TX. Problem is there are two theaters in both San Antonio and Houston that show second-run movies.  Next is’s result for La Mirada Movies 7 – La Mirada, CA.

You get the gist.  With other websites you’ll have to search and with Google, there can only be 10.  The top ten are usually those with the most comments and the most comments usually come from the largest cities.  So where can you find all of the dollar movie theaters, at – plainly visible on the menu to the left.  No matter which page you enter, no matter what page you’re viewing you’ll see everything I’ve found.

In addition, I’m not going to crawl movie theaters websites and steal their information so I can regurgitate it.  I put their information on my page so you can see it for yourself and follow a link to the source.  Now, Google doesn’t like that they want “original” content.

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Il est de tempus!  I’m only one person and ideas are never finished they just continue to develop over time. Eventually, you’ll start finding more information here than anywhere else on the web.

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